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Often times when we hear the word culture, we think of the differences of different countries. That statement may be true however, there are different cultures within the same country, even within the same city. No matter what culture we call our own, there are distinct differences between that of other cultures around us. One of the major differences occurs in the realm of family family affection to be more specific. After being born and raised in wisconsin, i now spend my summers in hawaii with my relatives. Despite my being away from my family for the summers, my family and i are very close to all of our relatives, and family affection is a daily occurrence. I recently interviewed teresa tran, a student at the university of minnesota – twin cities.

Teresa was born and raised in minnesota after her parents emigrated from vietnam. When her parents came to the united states, they brought with them their vietnamese culture. She grew up in a culture mixed with mainly vietnamese and some american from her surroundings. Even though we have different cultures, we have both differences and similarities in our family affection. The first aspect that i explored was by which medians affection is portrayed in the family. When looking at my own culture, my family and i show affection verbally, through gestures and through voice tones. For example, every night before i go to bed, i give both of my parents hugs, and occasionally kisses, and i always tell them that i love them.

As far as tonal affection goes, by not raising our voices at one another we are showing affection in a small way. We still fight, but instead of yelling, we choose words carefully and try to show our point of view without putting down the other person. One last way that we show affection is simply by remembering important dates, like mothers' day, fathers' day, birthdays, and anniversaries. Affection towards my family members is rare, says teresa, which is the biggest difference between our cultures. Teresa, however, does show a little affection towards her family by teasing or making fun of them…the stupid things.

By laughing together, that's how my family shows our affection toward each other. My family does tease each other too, however, we more of consider that having fun than showing affection. The simple act of showing affection is very different throughout different cultures. Success through my family and culture my ethnicity and my culture are what make me who i am they have shaped and formed the person that i am today. Having come from a strong filipino background, i feel that i have been blessed with an infinite amount of determination and drive to be successful.

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I come from a culture that is known for being very passionate and proud, but also a culture where education is not readily available. Coming from a family where my parents received nothing more than a high school diploma, and having two older sisters who never even mentioned college, has contributed to my willpower and persistence at accomplishing my goals. Having the opportunity to become the first in my family to recognize such an astonishing achievement is possible was a brave realization for me. After hearing the stories my parents told me about the struggle that it was for them just to receive a high school diploma, and hearing my sisters say, i wish i could go back in time to go to college , i have begun to understand that it’s my family’s struggles that continue to drive me with the desire to complete my college degree. The work ethic and determination i have developed over time should be partially credited to my parents because of their desire for me to be active, both academically and physically so that i would maintain both a healthy mind and body. As a child, because of this encouragement from my parents, i found myself trying new things it first started when i picked up playing the violin.

I found myself working hard and practicing an exceptional amount to make sure i knew what i was doing. After excelling in my violin skills, my parents decided to enroll me in sports, both basketball and baseball. I would push myself to the limits because my mindset was not, i want to be the best, it was, i need to be the best.

Though my hobbies were something that drove me to succeed physically, it has also carried over academically into the classroom. I continuously strive to fully understand the meaning of the material that i study. With the constant drive and determination that i have, i know when it is time for me to go into the work environment, i will aim to be the best at what i do, while continuing to gain valuable information along the way that will help contribute to the company’s success as well as my personal success.

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Although, determination and drive is something that i can bring to the work environment that can help me become successful financially. I believe that coming from a different culture has helped me develop cultural competence. The knowledge that my culture is not the only one around me has opened my eyes and understanding of my own cultural worldview, as well as an attitude towards cultural differences, knowledge of different cultural practices and world views, and cross cultural skills. The understanding that in today’s world it is not just about how we work in a professional environment but with whom and how we work with one another is an important factor that i have realized. Globally we are built and operated by our culture, whether it is the way we create and develop an idea, to building the product, to marketing, and even to sales and buying power. Having the understanding and desire to learn about other cultures is necessary to make loyal and lasting connections with customers, co workers and other business partners.

Not just focusing on a business model to reach goals but also developing an awareness and acceptance of cultures is key the key that could lead to a future business connection, a networking opportunity, company and business associations, and more importantly a feeling that cannot be measured in x amounts of money. Instead, it is the creation of a warm camaraderie that has no dollar value, because one took the time to understand the true meaning of another person’s cultural background. Having come from a first generation family, i have been given the opportunity to be the first in my family to accomplish an unpredictable achievement. I feel that my culture and my family is the balance for me between being successfully financially and giving back to others. I know with the success that i have in the future i will never forget to give back to those that have helped me get to where i am. Though, completing my undergraduate degree is one of many challenges that lie ahead of me it is not the only challenge that i want to conquer. I know i will continue to have the determination and drive to do whatever it takes for me to get to the highest point of this mountain called life.