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5/2015 fci category i visit this website regularly for updated information in case of any clarification, please email at concerned mail id as mentioned in respective advertisement only. If the sequence of the alphabets is reversed which of the following would be the 14th letter from your left? c daughter in law d none of these 34. If amit’ s father is billoo’ s father’s only son and billoo has neither a brother nor a daughter. What is the relationship between amit and billoo? c father son d grandfather grandson 35. Next day he forwarded it to the table of the senior clerk, who was on leave that day.

Desk officer studied the application and disposed off the matter on the same day, i.e. Which day the application was received by the inward clerk? fci stands for food corporation of india, this year fci published the notification of management trainee post, the online registration were already started and those who are eligible and interested may apply soon for this recruitment. The selection is based on written test followed by group discussion and personal interview.  the company recruit management trainees for the post of accounts, management trainee general , management trainee depot and management trainee accounts. If you are interested then please apply soon and prepared as per the pattern and syllabus, you can download the syllabus from this website. Please complete your syllabus first and then download fci management trainee question paper 2013.  please prepared well as per the pattern and syllabus and then try to solve previous year papers.

Definitely you will get success in this examination, if you want more details about fci then please visit the official website. Few days back food corporation of india hosted a written examination for the recruitment of management trainees across all regions of the country. This exam is scheduled in two phases, in the first phase paper i exam will takes place and paper ii will commence followed by that.

Many aspirants from all parts of the country participated in the exam, to get a clear idea about their performances in this exam food corporation of india who is a conductor of this exam will publish the answer key of the questions asked in the exam. how to get answer key: in order to know whether the answered questions are correct or not candidates need to verify their answers with the answer sheet or answer key provided by fci. This answer sheet will be published in the official website of fci which is w.fcijobsportal.com aspirants who else participated in this exam may download it from the particular website to verify their answer.

instructions to download answer sheet: every aspirant will be eager to know their performance in the exam. Since this exam consists of two papers, so the key for each paper will be published separately in the recruitment portal of food corporation of india. To download the answer key follow the instructions below, get into the portal w.fcijobsportal.com of fci. official portal of fci: w.fcijobsportal.com other information related to the fci recruitment: aspirants can also subscribe to our email service to get immediate updates related to the fci management trainee exam. Otherwise you can also like us on facebook or g+ to get instant career updates. the selection process will be separately conducted by different zones consisting of written test, group discussion gd and interview.

The written test will comprise of 90 multiple choice question of general aptitude consisting of reasoning, data analysis, computer awareness, general awareness, management and current affairs for the post of management trainees genl./depot/movt. And of 90 multiple choice questions on general accounting and finance for candidates applying for mt accounts. The examination dates are as follows: copyright 169 2012 all exam question papers all rights reserved food corporation of india fci management trainee 2010 fci mt previous year solved paper 1. Who of the following brought the sikh kingdom of punjab under direct british rule by an official proclamation? lord hastings lord cornwallis lord minto lord dalhousie 2. India is comparatively not rich in which one of the following minerals compared to the other three? bauxite copper iron manganese 3. Among the following, which one has recorded the highest population growth rate during 1991 2001? arunachal pradesh manipur nagaland sikkim 4. In which one of the following regions does the indus river originate? laddakh lahaul nepal tibet 5.

What is the term used to denote the temperature at which the water vapour present in the atmosphere is sufficient to saturate? condensation point dew point sublimation point saturation point 6. The earths reflectivity of solar radiation, termed albedo, is highest in which one of the following? cropland forest area sand desert snow area 7. Who of the following wrote the book precepts of jesus? raja rammohan roy devendranath tagore ishwarchandra vidyasagar keshab chandra sen 8. Who for the first time saw bacteria through a microscope made by himself? anton van leeuwenhoek louis pasteur robert hooke robert virchow 9. Which of the following contain enzymes for cellular respiration? dictyosomes endoplasmic reticula lysosomes mitochondria 10.

Dolphins and whales frogs and toads prawns and crabs seals and walruses 11. Which one of the following statements is correct? a seed is a ripened ovary flower gynoecium ovule 12. Historical materialism is a tenet of which one of the following political theories. What is look east policy often in the news? government of indias initiative for the infrastructural development in the north eastern states indias search for oil and gas in its eastern shoreline indias collaboration with some east asian countries in the exploration of oil and gas indias continuing pursuit of close relations with south east asian countries 14. Who of the following published a famous pamphlet known as right of mass and urged the people in england, america and france to fight for their liberty.

Who of the following invented the cotton gin that separates the seeds from cotton three hundred times faster than by hand? eli whitney george stephenson mcadam james watt 16. Whose duty is it to recommend to the president of india on the issue of the distribution and allocation of the net proceeds of taxes in the context of centre state fiscal relations. Planning commission national development council union ministry of finance finance commission 17.

In the union government, under whose charge is the cabinet secretariat? the minister of parliamentary affairs the president of india the prime minister of india the union home minister 18. Which five year plan had an objective of rapid industrialization with particular emphasis on development of basic and heavy industries? first third second fourth 19. Which one of the following is the correct chronological order of the given rulers of ancient india? ashoka kanishka milinda milinda ashoka kanishka ashoka milinda kanishka milinda kanishka ashoka 20. Which one of the following is not a disease caused by virus? bird flu chickenpox cholera dengue 21. In terms of the evolution of organisms,which one among following is the most advanced? bat shark pigeon vulture 22.