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The basic principle of the flat stanley project is to connect your child, student or classroom with other children or classrooms participating in the project by sending out flat visitors, created by the children, through the mail or digitally, with the flat stanley app. Kids then talk about, track, and write about their flat character's journey and adventures. Although similar to a pen pal activity, flat stanley is actually much more enriching students don't have to wonder where to begin or what to write about. Writing and learning becomes easier, flows naturally, and tends to be more creative. This is what teachers call an authentic literacy project, in that kids are inspired to write of their own passion and excitement about the project, and given the freedom to write about many things through the rubric of the flat stanley character. arranging an exchange to begin your own flat stanley project, first register and log in.

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Next, check out our flat stanley list of participants to see where you might like to send flat stanley who might be sending a flat stanley to you or what classroom, in what country, you would like to arrange an exchange with. Please note, you must have registered and be logged in to view the list of participants. It's a good idea to contact your recipient by email at this stage, to confirm the exchange. Once you have coordinated a recipient of your flat stanleys or flat characters, have your children make a flat stanley. This can be done any way your kids want to, but most look at pictures of other stanleys, roughly stencil a new stanley's shape, and color and accessorize as your kids see fit! when your flat stanley is ready for his journey, be sure to include the sender's name, return address, and email on back.

You might want to document stanley's starting point in your classroom or home, with a picture or a journal entry or a biography about your own flat character. And that's when the fun really begins off stanley goes! either mail him, or email him, with our flat stanley app, off on his or her journey. All sorts of good teaching activities can be involved at this stage: geography, with locations of stanley's travels and destinations math, in distances and times narrative and writing, with journal entries and biographies, and on and on. And then wait with bated breath for acknowledgement of his arrival from your exchange partner classroom or friends! the following assignment is for returning students.

We will use this project as a jumping point for other projects at the beginning of next year. You can view some of the potential projects/activities here: i have read a funny book called flat stanley by jeff brown. The book is about a young boy named stanley who is accidentally squished as flat as a pancake when a bulletin board falls on him while he is asleep. Stanley ’s family did not have enough money to send him on a train or plane to visit a friend in california. The story goes on to tell how stanley discovers some real advantages to being flat. Our class has decided that we would like to do the same with our flat stanley’s. Students have created a flat stanley and are to take them on their summer vacation adventures, whether to another state, country, to six flags, bowling, or grandma’s house.

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Students should take pictures of stanley in various places doing activities with the family. It’s always wonderful to see stanley beside monuments or next to a welcome sign for a state or country. It’s also fun to see stanley playing checkers, swimming at the neighborhood pool, eating watermelon, or anything else that you might include in your summer plans. Students should also journal or blog about where stanley visits, what he sees, and interesting things about the places he goes. Students can use this to make additional flat stanleys to send to relatives and friends in other states or countries. They can also use it to replace their stanley if he gets worn out from all the fun. If students do decide to mail stanley or suzie or jose to friends or family, use the letter attached at the bottom and ask that the recipient mail stanley and any artifacts back to you or to me by the end of july.

Please ask each host to keep him for a short visit and then send him back telling us something about their city and the exciting things flat stanley saw or did while he was there. Some great flat stanley’s we have heard about have come back dressed in clothing from the area, with souvenirs, area – appropriate mementos, travel brochures, photographs, postcards and more. In the past, i have had stanley visit the amazon and return with amazing souvenirs! how cool is that? after you receive your flat stanley’s back, please be sure to send the thank you note attached or better yet, create your own. Be sure to bring all of your flat stanleys, letters, artifacts and journal with you when you return to school next year. If you have questions at any time, you can email me at [email protected] or visit either of my blogs or wikispace to review this information.

Taylor’s rising third grade class kennesaw charter school 1370 lockhart dr kennesaw. Writing, language, social studies, and mathematics programs, the children in my class at kennesaw charter school have read a funny book called flat stanley by jeff brown. The book is about a young boy named stanley who is accidentally squished as flat as a pancake when a bulletin board falls on him. He can slide under doors, go down into sidewalk grates, and even fold himself up small enough to fit into an envelope and be mailed to california for an exciting vacation. We are sending out plain paper dolls that we call flat stanley, and we are sending them off to visit cities all over america and the world.

I have selected you to be flat stanley's host family and hope that you will send him back to me after a short visit telling us my class something about your city and the exciting things flat stanley saw or did while he was there. We would also appreciate it if you could let us know approximately how far your city is from mine kennesaw. Of course, flat stanley would also appreciate it if you could dress him to reflect the season you are in, or an activity that he did, or other clothing that would tell us more about where you live. It would be fun to get a postcard from flat stanley in your town, too! directions for flat stanley. Please send a picture of yourself and flat stanley in your hometown, or the place that you visit.

Include a letter telling us where you took flat stanley while he was in your care. Please return your flat stanley to the student that sent him to you or me at the address below…. Ga 30144 using the flat stanley put in your envelope please add things like hair, shoes, shirt, pants, hat, mittens, etc, etc. We look forward to seeing what stanley looks like when he returns to our classroom.

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Taylor’s rising third grade class thank you so much for letting my flat stanley come and stay with you. He seemed to have had a great vacation with you and looks forward to coming back again soon! miss taylor would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help out with our class project. I read this wonderful book when i was a small child and was thrilled by stanley's situation. In fact, it is one of the only stories i can still vividly recall from my tv infested childhood. And it still affects me to this day i have never put a bulletin board above my bed or anything big for that matter. As i grew older, i lost track of my copy of the book but would always ask friends if they remembered it when the converstation turned to children's literature.

Surprisingly, not many people had heard of the story which, of course, inspired me to find the book and bring back a classic to my friends, nieces and nephews. So, i'm ordering a bunch of copies for myself and my family and i'm thrilled that stanley will find a place once again on my bookshelf and will hopefully remain there for years to come. This is a great packet to use for guided reading groups, literature circles, individual reading, or whole class novel study.

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