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i like guys the topic of homosexuality has become a constant issue throughout our society for many years. Many people believe that being gay is not acceptable for both religious and moral reasons. Because being gay is not accepted, many homosexuals may feel shame or guilt because of the way they. Description of the business 1 company’s name: green life 2 product/ service: home health care service 3 industry: health industry something about health industry in vietnam: for many years, healthcare in vietnam was closely regulated by the vietnamese government. Anyone who works in a bookshop is familiar with that sinking feeling of inferiority that strikes whenever someone asks you about a big selling book that you haven't read. It was on special status at the warehouse, so that whenever anyone bought a copy from the shop another was sent in automatically so that there were always three copies available on the shelf. I even recommended it to a couple of customers despite never even having heard of sedaris prior to selling his work.

So i thought it might be worth giving it a read, you know, what with its insane popularity and everything. Although not all of the essays follow the same pattern, i noticed that a few of them fit a perfect four act structure. In particular, the first two chapters go carolina and giant dreams, midget abilities are pretty clearly of the same breed. I thought it would be interesting to look at the act structure of these chapters in order to see how one might apply narrative structure to autobiography.

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1 an outside force arrives in david's life in go carolina , this is the speech therapist miss samson, who is determined to iron out david's lisp. In giant dreams, midget abilities this is his father's desire for his children to appreciate jazz music as much as he does. 2 david reacts to the outside force, which comes back at him stronger david loathes the outside force and takes some action to take it out.

Naturally, this action only makes it worse or changes the nature of the inconvenience the outside force poses. In go carolina , david's tactic is to avoid all words containing s using a thesaurus. In giant dreams , by agreeing to go to a jazz concert with their father, david and his sisters encourage him just enough for him to arrange music lessons for them. The resulting lessons with a midget guitar teacher are david's idea of hell, and now we have a personification of the evil force of music in the form of, um, a midget. At this point, the outside force is discovered to effect other people too, or to be more serious than previously expected. A suspicion that everyone forced to attend speech therapy was suspected of homosexuality is adds a conspiratorial element and makes miss samson seem even more darkly sinister.

Although they are presumably as effected by papa's annoying taste in music as much as david, it is only at this point of escalating antagonism that their inconvenience is mentioned. 3 some disaster befalls the antagonist causes david to repent of his resentment and try to make the best of the situation in some way. in go carolina the disaster is miss samson crying about being a bad teacher on the last day of term. David awkwardly attempts to console her, even though he secretly agrees she is dreadful. In giant dreams , david sees his midget music teacher taunted in a mall by some local rough types.

He feels sorry for him, and decides to stop pretending to practise the guitar and ask the musical midget to accompany him while he sings advert jungles instead. 4 david's action backfires i mean, of course david's action backfires. It turns out miss sampson was only pretending to cry so that david would say i'm th orry and she would have evidence to consign him to more therapy. Once david has fallen into the trap, the chapter ends pretty sharpish, with just about enough time for a final in joke. The midget musician meanwhile, is so horrified by sedaris's artistic self expression that he refuses to give him any more lessons. It's unclear whether this is simple homophobia or if david's raw singing ability is also a factor, but the end result is the same. This traumatising experience gives david the necessary courage to tell his dad where to go next time he tries to spin a record, his emotional growth is dramatised by david and his sisters refusing $5 for listening to a record.

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me talk pretty once day 04.15.13 am with social networking tools and access to e reader data, 21st century authors have unlimited opportunities for feedback before a book is indelibly inked. But best selling, award winning humorist david sedaris, whose new essay collection let x2019 s explore diabetes with owls will be published by little, brown and company this month, prefers a more low tech approach. He tests pre publication material by regularly reading works in progress to live audiences, a practice that has become an integral part of his writing process. let x2019 s explore diabetes with owls sedaris got his first taste of reading to an audience in college. During his biannual multicity lecture tours, sedaris says he routinely notices imperfections in the text simply through the act of reading aloud to other people.

I used to hate it when a book came out or a story was published and i would be like x2018 damn, how did i not catch that? x2019 he says. He circles accidental rhymes or closely repeated words, or words that sound alike x2014 like night and nightlife x2014 in the same sentence, rewriting after each reading and trying out revisions during the next stop on his tour. Taking the collective temperature of an actual room helps sedaris gauge how well a joke is working or if a story has gone on too long or has a satisfying ending.

When he looks back on books like naked 1997 , which he wrote before he began reading his work on the road several weeks a year, sedaris says his reaction tends to be: x2018 oh my god, what was i thinking? x2019 i wish i could go back in time and work those in front of an audience. Also, on the page it seems like i x2019 m trying too hard, and that x2019 s one of the things i can usually catch when i x2019 m reading out loud, he says. X2018 oh, that sounds a little too obvious, x2019 or, x2018 that sounds like somebody who x2019 s just straining for a laugh. X2019 sedaris has developed a kind of shorthand for note taking during readings that helps him later when he sits down to revise. Anyone who has attended one of his live performances knows that sedaris is a highly entertaining performer of his own work, and it sometimes seems as if fans arrive primed to laugh at virtually anything he says.

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When people laugh at that, i have to disabuse them of that x2014 that everything i say is going to be funny. When i x2019 m in the theater it x2019 s my job to be as entertaining as a person can be just sitting behind a podium and reading out loud, he continues. But if a laugh feels cheap to me or it feels like it x2019 s going to date really quickly, i try to take it out as soon as possible and replace it. I don x2019 t want to come to depend on it, to think x2018 well that x2019 s my only laugh at the end of page four so i have to keep it.

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X2019 sedaris is vigilant about trying to make sure that every last laugh is earned, and he takes pains to try and ensure that the live show laughs play just as well on the page. Reading something out loud, you can cheat sometimes your biggest laugh you can get from looking up or pausing, he says. You don x2019 t want to try and imitate that on the page because it looks cheap, like four double spaces or 17 periods on the page and then the word x2018 huh? x2019 it just looks gimmicky. When audience members start coughing or audibly clearing their throats or shifting in their seats , sedaris draws a little skull in the margin. Sometimes you have to convey information, you have to get that out there in order for the story to work, sedaris says. A skull in the margin means it x2019 s time to break up long expository passages with dialogue, or flip a sentence around to nail the timing of a joke. It sounds really kumbaya, but you can feel people drifting away from you, he says.

There could be silence or even like medium laughter, but you can still feel people slipping away. I love to go off topic, but you can x2019 t do it for so long that people forget what the story is about, or that they lose faith that anyone is driving the story, or you can feel them thinking x2018 oh my god, we could be here for days. X2019 sometimes the first time you read a story, you think, x2018 oh, shit, i x2019 m in death valley, x2019 sedaris says. I mean you hadn x2019 t realized it on the page but it x2019 s really clear reading it out loud on tour. It x2019 s not like the story x2019 s in print and i x2019 m reading it aloud and realizing i x2019 m in death valley. Sedaris says that he has usually rewritten a story about eight times before he tries it in front of an audience, where he ends up reading it and making tweaks up to 40 times before it is published.

What he learns during those readings accounts for about 20% of the changes he makes in his text. If something is on its feet, i can make it stronger by reading it out loud, he says. When i x2019 m reading things on stage, i try to be a little bit different every night. But if you read it only once? that x2019 s why all those stories in barrel fever his 1994 book seem so crude to me now. These days, he says, by the time he records an audio book, he has a well rehearsed tape in his head.