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When a teenage girl gets pregnant, this phenomenon is called teenage pregnancy. A great number of countries, mostly in asia treat it like a regular thing due to their traditions and peculiarities of the culture. But the western civilization treats teenage pregnancy like a negative phenomenon, because young people are supposed to study and have normal years of life, without burden and big problems. Every day we can hear about the cases when a 15 year old girl has got pregnant and parents do not know what to do. Teenagers are too young to be allowed to get married, and a child commonly lives in single parent family very often it is difficult to identify the father of the baby. The most common decision of the teenagers and their parents is to get rid of pregnancy. Abortion in such a young age is quite a regular thing nowadays, because a baby is a great responsibility and one can not study and work having it.

On the other hand abortion influences the girl’s body badly and it is the next problem. So, the topic is extremely urgent in modern society and nearly every student is asked to prepare a research paper on teenage pregnancy and analyze the problem deeply. Students have to spend much time to discover some cultural aspects and points of view towards teenage pregnancy of different people of the world. In order to compose a successful paper one has to know how to present data and support the point of view and format the paper. The most common writing assistant is the internet and students take advantage of free examples of research papers on teenage pregnancy available there. A successful research paper has to include the medical and psychological aspects of the problem, attitude of different nations towards it and present effective methods of prevention of pregnancy.

Students are free to analyze and describe the methods of contraception, because many young people still do not know how to use them properly. So, the paper should be as informative as possible and illustrate the possible result of the pregnancy in such a young age abortion. It is really complicated to collect great amount of data but one has to start doing it as early as possible to have enough time to analyze the data carefully and professionally. A great choice of books, encyclopedias, magazines on medicine and psychology are dedicated to the topic of pregnancy in young age.

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Having read everything and compare to free samples of research papers on teenage pregnancy one can complete a well structured unique paper useful for everybody. Though the percentile has lowered some in the past ten years, it is still a huge problem today. There are many disadvantages to being a teenage mother and being the child of one. They must be the first thing you think about when you wake up, and the last thing you think about before you go to sleep.

There's no more going out with your friends and you can forget about the club or team you were or want to be on. Most teenagers, when they find out they are going to become parents drop out of school. You figure this will give you more time with your child, and more opportunity to get a job and support a child. _ _ many times the parents of these teenagers support them and encourage them to stay in school, but that doesn't always help.

What these teenagers need to realize is that it's their education that will lead them to get better jobs to help support there child. Because the government see's this, they have made laws in many states saying that teenagers must finish high school while being pregnant in order to receive any kind of government assistance. The other parent must also be involved in the childs life proving that the child will somewhat have a stable life.

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They are the ones who must live with the parents decision to get pregnant at such an early age. They probably won't get the same kind of things that most kids, if born to a couple at a normal age, might receive. When teenage girls get pregnant, more than half the time the father will break up with the girl and leave her with the responsibility. In reverse the mother can give birth, but then leave the father to take care of them and live with the responsibility. With these huge problems in the childs life, they might have the tendency to grow up with mental problems. There's the possibility of learning disabilities, or maybe even more serious conditions that might lead to hospilization. Because the parent made the wrong decision to have sex and give birth when they weren't ready, these children must live with the consequences.

They could give it up for adoption, have an abortion, or grow up and take on the responsibility in having a child. They can also look into community programs or other resources that may help in making a decision. The best decision though would be to not have sex, and if you are, to act responsibly so you won't have to face the decisions and responsibilities that someone at that age aren't and shouldn't be ready to handle. The day we can say that things have gotten better is the day that that every child is cared for and in a happy home. So as you can probably tell from reading this i wouldnt want to get myself in this situation and i think teen pregnancy is really bad. But, i sympathize for any teenage girl who has to worry about a baby for the rest of her life.