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length: 1030 words 2.9 double spaced pages rating: red free kudler fine foods has experienced significant growth and is now focused on expanding the services, improving the efficiency of its operations and increasing the consumer purchase cycle as a means to increasing the loyalty and profitability of its consumers . This paper will justify the importance of marketing research in the development of kudler fine foods marketing strategy and tactics. It will also identify the areas where additional market research is needed and analyze the importance of competitive intelligence and analysis in regards to the development of kudler fine foods marketing strategy and tactics. Kudler is offering parties in the store to show customers how to prepare specialty foods. The draw for the consumers is to be trained by world renowned chefs, local celebrities, other food experts, and even kathy kudler herself, and to be invited to exclusive, upscale events. The anticipated outcomes will be to increase the customer purchase rate of high margin food and beverage items and to get consumer to make an evening at kudler fine foods part of their social network.

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This increased time in the store will increase the overall revenue per visit and increase the frequency of visits to the store. Consumers will receive multiple entries in high ticket item contests by bringing a friend to the parties. While the firm’s preference is to have the events in store, guests can have kudler cooking classes at their home for a price premium. As kudler aims towards higher scale consumers using institutional advertising techniques, the draw of consumers would have to be analyzed due to day to day schedules of its consumers. Would consumers take time out of their busy lives to watch kathy kudler prepare dishes or would you have to have a high profile chef or celebrity present to actually draw the consumers in? is kudler the only establishment providing this feature? additional research using surveys specifically orientated towards the area of finding out what consumers would visit the store if a well known chef or celebrity provided a cooking class. Knowing that famous chefs or celebrities are not cheap to come by, having consumers extend their stay at the store might outweigh the cost of putting the class on. Kudler’s new initiative is tracking purchase behavior at the individual customer level and providing high value incentives through a partnership with a loyalty points program.

The customer purchase behavior patters will help kudler refine its processes and offerings to best satisfy their valued customers. Price is not the primary differentiating factor for kudler consumers these consumers are focused on quality and finding specialized items. Therefore, rather than providing everyday discounts to the customers for their purchase frequency like lower end markets, kudler has partnered with a loyalty points program to provide customers with points which can be redeemed for high end gift items, airline first class upgrades, or other specialty foods .

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This new initiative will also bring in new consumers as word of mouth from loyal consumers spread. Analyzing the purchase behavior patterns of their consumers will also help determine trends in culinary areas for example, consumers purchasing items used in mediterranean style cuisine because of the health benefits would enable kudler to stock more of those items and maybe provide a more varying choice in that style of cuisine while keeping close eye on other marketable areas. Loyal consumers would also get a feeling of gratitude from kudler and maybe purchase other items they would not normally purchase at kudler. Kudler's is now in a position to focus on internal both front line and behind the scenes processes, and how those can be improved to deliver increased value to the customer. In addition, the firm is developing employee training programs and integrating new software systems to facilitate the effort.

Marketing has encouraged the purchasing department to find ways to reduce costs of ordering foods and minimize the amount of food to be stored, while also having a zero stock out policy. In response, purchasing has developed a supplier relations program and has solicited the help of marketing to help roll out the program. Historically, kudler fine foods has tracked information such as dollar value and profit margin per transaction, dollar sales and profit levels by day, and dollar sales and profit margins by item.

However, in an effort to leverage the information to create a more intimate relationship with their customers, the firm is integrating a system to track customer purchase behavior over time. The new processes described above should reduce overhead inventory while keeping the consumers happy due to keeping the items that they want. Coinciding with the new initiatives of purchase behavior pattern tracking, this should give the purchasing department help in determining what items to buy and the quantity of those items. Using new software to streamline processes and producing employee training programs will help kudler to become more efficient in providing consumers exactly what they want to purchase.

Knowing that kudler wants to become more streamlined, a look at processes of other established business’s like starbuck’s or fry’s electronics might also be beneficial. In conclusion, the new initiatives and processes that are planning to go into effect at kudler fine foods should yield a growth in profit along with expanding their loyal consumer base. Streamlining the company by providing employee training programs and issuing new software will also make kudler more efficient while providing faster and better service to its consumers. The objective of the sales organization is to successfully implement programs designed to increase revenue and decrease costs. The sales group will support the rollout of new customer focused programs, leverage customer information to support sales growth of existing customers, initiate targeted activities to recruit high profit new customers, and support operational cost cutting efforts taking place company wide .

Retrieved march 11, 2008, from marketing mix is the synonym of the concept of 4p and is recognized as the marketing theory which is based on the four main elements of the marketing planning. Evidently, in order to gain success in the process of marketing special policies and techniques should be created. One of the most reliable and widely used techniques is marketing mix, which embraces the core principles of the successful marketing for the profit of the company. First of all the company should think about the product which is required by consumers.

In order to achieve information about the customers’ needs numerous investigations and monitoring are held. The company should succeed in the meeting of all the requirements, like the quality of the goods and services, the choice, the qualities and functions, design, etc. The pricing policy is extremely important, because one should organize various sales, discounts, etc which can attract clients. The problem of promotion is also important for the development of business, because the high quality advertisement can attract consumers and make them purchase the product even if they do not require it.

The main task of promotion is to increase the number of clients and increase the circulation of the production on the market. Finally, the place is the point where the three previous elements are combines into the single unit and sold to the consumers. Here the skills of the sellers, the atmosphere of the shops and other factors play the final role in the successful sell of the product. Marketing mix is one of the theories which is aimed at the increase of the effectivity of the process of marketing and if a student is interested in it, he can try to prepare a research paper on it. A successful marketing mix research paper should explain the topic from all sides and focus on the main components of the theory and describe every element in detail.

The student should provide the professor with the examples from the real life, which demonstrate the advantages of marketing mix for the development of business. In conclusion one should define the importance of marketing mix for business and set the relevance of the topic. It is obvious that every student has problems with research paper writing, because it is difficult to plan the writing process and create the logical structure without rich experience. A free example research paper on pepsi marketing mix can help students understand the process of writing from all sides. Moreover, a good free sample research paper on starbucks marketing mix informs students about formatting and logical composition of the paper. at writing service you can order a custom research paper on marketing mix topics.

And masters writers only to provide students with professional research paper assistance at affordable rates. Just visit our website and fill in the order form with all research paper details: enjoy our professional research paper writing service! at a startup she co founded while pursuing a doctorate in economics, christine l. The pay ratio of ceos to average workers has long been a question of interest to both employees and investors. It also matters to consumers, as shown by new research conducted by the authors of this paper. A firm with a high 10 to 1 ratio needs to offer a 50 percent discount in order to garner as favorable consumer impressions as a firm with a low 5 to 1 pay ratio. Even if pay ratio disclosure does not become legally mandated, these results suggest that firms with low pay ratios relative to competitors may wish to begin to disclose this information voluntarily.