What Would It Take?

What would it take to make a difference in your students’ writing? A real difference—the kind you can sense by their attitude and measure by academic performance. For many, a visit from a gifted author and writing teacher kindles a passion for words.

Other students respond to the creative approaches and best practices in writing instruction that pack my monthly e-newsletter. Especially when they discover the special section written just for kids, full of engaging articles and age-appropriate activities designed to strengthen writing abilities.

Artist Residency—A Most Powerful Option

Or perhaps thoughtful articles—a new one each month—posted on your school’s or district’s web-page will complete the necessary home/school writing connection. Each month I educate parents on the simple, yet powerful ways they can foster their children’s writing skills.

Each positive writing experience increases the likelihood students will develop writing passion and aptitude. This is why I offer a variety of effective and affordable resources. In fact, our monthly classroom e-newsletter and web-postings are free, without any cost or obligation to you, ever.

Artist Residency—A Most Powerful Option

I’m so proud of our artist residencies. These week-long experiences are a combination of creative writing skill development and character education, as students learn, through the medium of writing, to accept the vulnerabilities/differences in each other. Growing up with Tourette’s Syndrome, I learned that the courage to take risks led not only to self-acceptance, but also to fine writing.

I’m pleased to offer two unique artist residencies in 2007-2008. Both echo the themes of my upcoming novel, JERK, CALIFORNIA, a story of an adolescent struggling with Tourette’s (released Spring 2008, Penguin).

Option #1: Writing from the Heart—Creative Writing and Storytelling

Option #2: Telling your Own Story—Finding the “Special” inside of You

Workshops are available for elementary, middle school, and high school grade levels and draw from my fourteen years of public school teaching experience.

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