The Writing Coach program from WriteHomeStudio

This is a remarkable opportunity for your young writer to experience a tailor-made writing course. The online program allows us to strengthen your child’s writing skills faster than any other method. Each Tuesday a custom-made assignment based on your goals and your child’s writing needs arrives in your inbox. Your child emails their completed lesson to me by Friday evening. The following Tuesday, I send specific feedback as well as the next assignment.

The Writing Coach program from WriteHomeStudio

All WriteHomeStudio students begin with a creative writing piece. Many stay in the creative vein throughout the course, honing and sharpening their skills. Others move on to essay writing once a solid foundation in creative writing is established.

In both “tracks,” assignments proceed incrementally, which allows the child to focus on one or two key concepts per week. This prevents frustration and promotes retention.

After the initial month (also referred to as the evaluation month) you decide whether to commit to the three-month program (minimum).

Unlike other online courses, WriteHomeStudio’s Writing Coach program provides you with daily access to me via the personal coaching email. I check this every morning and answer questions immediately. No waiting until the next scheduled contact!

Due to the nature of this course, I ask that potential students possess a desire to improve their writing skills. If this mentoring relationship sounds appealing, I urge you to contact me as soon as possible.

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