Welcome to WriteHomeStudio!

WriteHomeStudio offers individualized, online coaching programs for young writers. Whether your child is beginning the writing journey or a passionate written communicator, a mentoring relationship provides the optimal environment for developing powerful writing skills. We bring this personal attention to every child we coach in the art and craft of writing.

Opening the door to your child's creative writing potential.

Opening the door to your child's creative potential.

Our commitment to one-on-one coaching never wavers, but WriteHomeStudio’s online course content does, as every child receives tailor-made writing instruction. You will not find pre-packaged assignments to purchase, no CD sets or videos. When you invest in a writing coach course through WriteHomeStudio, we invest in you by creating weekly assignments based on your child’s needs. We’re aware of no other writing system that continually monitors and adjusts to the needs of your child.

We know your child is precious and unique, as is his or her writing. Together with your input, we create a program designed for one child—yours!

Founder and young adult author Jonathan Friesen has twenty years of experience teaching writing to students of all ages. He draws from this experience to evaluate, plan, and deliver custom-made weekly assignments into your family’s inbox. Watch your child’s writing soar through the Writing Coach program.

Every aspect of our program is designed with your needs in mind:

  • Programs for all ages
  • Creative writing tracks
  • Essay writing tracks
  • Focused SAT/ACT essay preparation available
  • Reduced price evaluation month
  • Daily email access to Jonathan
  • Summer coaching programs
  • Commitment to integrity

Come learn more about Jonathan and explore what WriteHomeStudio’s Writing Coach program can do for your child!

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